For the first project this year, I decided to start with a bang – a fireworks simulation created using 3DS Max and the TyFlow plugin. Here is the final animation:

It’s a relatively simple TyFlow setup – here is the graph:

Click the image to open a larger version in a new tab

The ‘Rocket Launcher’ event births the rocket particles, gives them a speed, a starting location, applies gravity and a material ID to keep the colour constant. The particles are then passed to the ‘Trail Spawn + Boom’ event where the rocket trail is spawned, and a time test is carried out to set when each particle will burst. The trail particles are sent to a separate event which scales them to about half the size and does a 2 frame time test before deleting the particle. This is so the trail stays relatively close behind the rocket.

When the particles are passed to the ‘Boom’ event, they are scaled to 1500% of their size for one frame, creating a quick burst effect. They then spawn the starburst using the ‘Starburst Spawn’ event, which creates a random number of between 10 and 20 new particles emitting from the location of the parent. They are also assigned a random material ID from a selection of 4 different colours. These are then passed to the ‘Starburst Trails Spawn’ event, which creates the trails behind the starburst particles. A time test controls when the initial burst particles and their trails are passed to the delete process.

The materials setup is also straightforward – a Multi-SubObject material is created with 5 slots, each with a slighty different coloured VRay Light material in it. Material 5 is reserved for the rockets, and numbers 1-4 are for the individual bursts.

I added a simple ocean setup and a background environment to give the image a bit more visual interest. It was rendered with VRay NEXT, and put together in After Effects, where a bit of motion blur was added along with a bit of colour correction to saturate the colours a bit more.

I hope you find this write up helpful, and I’ll be back next week with another project.