This week I’ve left the simulations behind and modelled some scenery for D&D in Zbrush 2020, for printing on my Elegoo Mars 3D Printer.

The tent was modelled in two pieces, as it would be quite difficult to paint the inside when printed if it was all one piece. It took about four and a half hours to print one tent and base together.

The first model (shown below) had much thinner ropes and posts, which didn’t reproduce well when it was printed, so I went back into the model and increased the thickness of those elements. Also I initially modelled it to have a groove in the base that the tent fit into, but that didn’t work out either, so I removed it and instead used a boolean operation to subtract the base model from the tent so the two should press together fairly well. Fortunately this worked so both pieces sit quite well together.

The first iteration of the model.

The latest low-price resin printers are great but there are still some levels of detail that are just too small to capture.

The below are 3D renders of the final models, and below that are photos of the final prints. Some details were lost, but overall they came out very well.

I am very happy with how the prints came out, and will post pictures of them painted once that is done.

More next week!